ENTRY FORM for HOTCA’s 52nd Carnival

Conditions of entry


1.Vehicle maximum height from the ground –13ft, maximum width –8ft. No more than 7.5 tones.

2.It is the responsibility of all owners of participating motor vehicles to notify such use with their insurers and ensure that all vehicles are street legal.


3.Motor vehicle entrants are required to affect their own liability insurances in respect of any injury arising or damaged caused to third parties, person or property in relation to the event. Vehicles that cause damage to pavements, roads, buildings etc.will be charged for the cost of repair either directly or through their insurance. This may not cover participants so please check with your own insurers or obtain a waiver–a copy of this must be attached to the entry form.


4.Floats must not travel to or from the venue with people on the back.


5.Each vehicle entry must provide two Walking Marshalsalongside the float at all times, wearing Hi-Viz Safety wear.


6.No commercial advertising –no leaflets or flyers.


7.A separate entry form must be used for each entry.


8.Fire extinguishers must be carried on all vehicles.


9.First Aid Boxes must be carried on all vehicles.


10.The Committee reserves the right to reclassify or refuse any entry.


11.All judging and trophy awarding will take place during the parade.


12.The Judges’ decisions are final on all awards.


13.No parking at Assembly Area unless otherwise previously agreed.


14.All participants to respect the property of local residents.


15.A representative from every entry must obtain collection vessels from Registration (Stade Hall).

16.Only Official HOTCA collection vessels to be used and only HOTCA representatives are permitted to open collecting vessels.


17.All monies collected are for Hastings Old Town Carnival Association only and are to be handed in at the Collection Point either in the Stade Hall or the Rock-a-Nore car park at the end of the procession. No private collections allowed.

18.The throwing of any articles or squirting of liquids from floats or by pedestrians is banned.


19.Due to Health & Safety ruling –at the end of the parade, vehicles MUST NOT turn right at the bottom of All Saints Street –they must all return to Rock-a-Nore Car Park.

I/we hereby agreethat our entry will abide by the HOTCA conditions